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Bush Primary School & Nursery Unit, Dungannon

Well Done Wall - June 2016

1st Jun 2016
Advice for Parents on keeping safe on the journey to school. (13th Sep 2021) Download
after school care 202122 (10th Jun 2021) Download
Anti- Bullying Policy (16th Jun 2017) Download
App guide (21st Aug 2020) Download
AQE Online registration (23rd Apr 2020) Download
Attendance Policy (16th Jun 2017) Download
August restart (30th Jun 2020) Download
Bush Primary School Website Guide2021 (10th Jun 2021) Download
CEF Summer Club (11th Jun 2021) Download
CEF Virtual Easter (22nd Mar 2021) Download
Child protection Overview (16th Jun 2017) Download
Comforting intimate care and images 2021 (2nd Jun 2021) Download
Covid guidance flowchart (27th Aug 2021) Download
DE information to parents (13th Aug 2020) Download
DE information to parents (13th Aug 2020) Download
DE update 10.9.20 (10th Sep 2020) Download
Dinner Menu (27th Aug 2021) Download
Discipline Policy (16th Jun 2017) Download
Document (26th Aug 2016) Download
E-safety Policy (28th Nov 2019) Download
Free School Meals (17th Jun 2021) Download
Free School Meals (27th Aug 2021) Download
FSM 202122 (1st Jun 2021) Download
Fun Night Rota (19th Jun 2019) Download
holiday closings 2021 2022 (10th Jun 2021) Download
Homework Policy (16th Jun 2017) Download
Information Flyer (10th Feb 2021) Download
Information from PHA reagrding RSV/Bronchiolitis infections. (15th Sep 2021) Download
June update (15th Jun 2020) Download
Letter from DE (27th Aug 2021) Download
Library Summer Reading Challenge (7th Jun 2021) Download
Lifeliners Kids Club (16th Sep 2021) Download
Marking Policy (16th Jun 2017) Download
May June Newssheet (30th Apr 2021) Download
MEDICAL FORMS (7th Jun 2021) Download
MEDICAL FORMS LETTER (7th Jun 2021) Download
Menu (25th Nov 2020) Download
Notifying of absences (27th Aug 2021) Download
Nursery & P1 Placement September 2020 (23rd Apr 2020) Download
Nursery Induction cover letter (10th Jun 2021) Download
Nursery Positive Behaviour (16th Jun 2017) Download
Nursery Prospectus 2021 (17th Nov 2020) Download
Nursery start 2021 (10th Jun 2021) Download
Online Gaming (15th Jun 2021) Download
P1 Induction Video (10th Jun 2021) Download
P1 start 2021 (10th Jun 2021) Download
P5 Remote Learning 2021 (5th Jan 2021) Download
P7 (17th Feb 2021) Download
Parent Guide to online payment (3rd Sep 2020) Download
pdf (26th Aug 2016) Download
Primary 1 Induction booklet 2021 (10th Jun 2021) Download
Primary Induction cover letter (10th Jun 2021) Download
Primary Prospectus 2021 (17th Nov 2020) Download
Privacy Notice (23rd May 2018) Download
Procedure for Complaints (7th Jun 2018) Download
PTA and Hamper Appeal (14th Nov 2019) Download
Pupil absence (27th Aug 2021) Download
Relationships & Sexuality Education Policy (16th Jun 2017) Download
Safeguarding (16th Jun 2017) Download
School Money (27th Aug 2021) Download
School Money Parent Guide (10th Jun 2021) Download
School photos (21st Apr 2021) Download
School website (27th Aug 2021) Download
Social Media Policy (16th Jun 2017) Download
Special Educational Needs Policy (16th Jun 2017) Download
Tower Challenge (6th Apr 2020) Download
Use of Reasonable Force Policy (16th Jun 2017) Download